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    Literary Stationery Sets: William Shakespeare

    Write as if from the desk of the Bard himself with this Shakespeare-themed stationery set from Insight Editions!

    Lovers of Shakespeare's plays and poems can celebrate their love with this finely crafted literary stationery set. Designed for the letter-writers, note-takers, and card-senders of the world, this collectible set gives fans a unique way to celebrate the words and legacy of their favourite playwright.

    Included in the set: 

    • 20 blank notecards, featuring classic Shakespeare quotes, and 20 envelopes 
    • 20 embossed gold sticker seals
    • A hardcover pocket journal
    • A Keepsake box for storage that is designed to look like a classic book of Shakespearean verse,

    Brand: Insight Editions

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