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    Perpetual Motion Winged Earrings

    Stunning silver earrings inspired by Leonardo da Vinci’s studies of Perpetual Motion.

    Designed by Lisa Crockard for Craft Design House, the silver segments represent portions of the original study, with the peacock pearls placed at the highlighted points of intersection. These winged earrings also resemble Leonardo’s study of a bird’s wing. Each piece is handmade by Lisa using traditional silversmithing techniques in her Paisley studio.

    Made with sterling silver and peacock coloured pearls. Please note these earrings are not hallmarked as they fall below the minimum hallmarking weight requirement. They come packaged in a black presentation box.

    About the designer: Jewellery designer Lisa Crockard combines traditionally handmade jewellery techniques with an appreciation for the potential of CAD and 3D printing. Looking both to the future and to the past, Lisa’s creations draw on rhythm and repetition as found in the man-made world, and on geometric forms. Her work often explores textural contrasts through materials and finishes.

    The Leonardo da Vinci Collection by Craft Design House: Craft Design House creates bespoke collections of original pieces by designer makers. This item is part of an exclusive, handcrafted and limited-edition collection to celebrate the 500th anniversary of Leonardo da Vinci.

    Part of the Leonardo da Vinci: A Mind in Motion exhibition range.

    Brand: Lisa Crockard for Craft Design House

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