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    Raised By Books Magnet

    This unique magnet is the perfect accessory for any book lover! This magnet features a cute illustration of a wolf howling at the moon, perched atop a stack of books, with leaf and star details. The blues and yellows in the design add a touch of vibrancy to this eye-catching magnet.

    The phrase "Raised by books" encapsulates the deep connection and inspiration that books can provide. It's a reminder that books have the power to shape our imagination, broaden our knowledge, and transport us to new worlds. This magnet is not only a functional item for your fridge or magnetic surface, but also a statement piece that showcases your love for literature.

    Whether you're a voracious reader, a book collector, or simply appreciate the magic of literature, this wolf and books magnet is a must-have addition to your bookish collection.

    Brand: British Library

    Dimensions: 58 x 78 mm