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    Red Sauce Brown Sauce

    The charming and joyful follow-up book from 'the nation's taster in chief,' Felicity Cloake.

    If there's one thing that truly unites this country from Aberdeen to Abernethy, St Ives to St Pancras, it's an obsession with breakfast. We all have an opinion on the merits of brown sauce versus ketchup on our morning sandwiches. No other country's culinary identity is so bound up with breakfast - the French may love their croissants, the Chinese their congee, but they're rarely held up as national symbols in the same way as a Full English, an Ulster fry or a bowl of porridge. A good breakfast is our birthright, eaten with as much relish in the Wolsey on Piccadilly as in Terry's Caff in Borough.

    In this eagerly anticipated follow up to One More Croissant for the Road, Felicity Cloake sets off on an epic bike ride around Britain to celebrate and investigate the legendary Great British Breakfast. She rates fry-ups on criteria from the crispness of the bacon to how long they keep her pedalling and stops for fact-based tea breaks in place of last time's pause cafe. And a woman cannot live by All Day Breakfast alone, so as well as recipes for things like Omelette Arnold Bennett or proper porridge, she will report back on the delights of regional specialities she encounters along the way, from Lancashire hotpot to Welsh cakes, Balti to boxty and everything else that takes her fancy en route. All washed down with tea, naturally.

    From the less celebrated breakfast items that often cause puzzlement to visitors abroad - baked beans on toast, for example, or Marmite or Weetabix - to the homely foods of different communities, the halwa puris and Polish rye bread, grilled plantain and century eggs, Felicity will take them all in. Her mission is to eat all the best breakfasts of Britain - whether a crumpet hot from the factory production line in Enfield or a desi breakfast in Birmingham or even a pease pudding stottie cake from the original Greggs in Gosforth, this will be a true tour of Britain. And Britain is a country that runs on breakfast.

    Author: Felicity Cloack

    Brand: Penguin Books Ltd

    Number of pages: 336 pages

    Binding: Paperback