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    Rose Earrings

    A beautiful pair of Rose Earrings, inspired by the Tudor rose. Created by hand in Bristol by independent jewellery designer Rosa Pietsch, the earrings combine different materials and textures to give a unique finish.


    The Tudor rose (sometimes called the Union rose) is the traditional floral heraldic emblem of England and takes its name and origins from the House of Tudor, which united the House of Lancaster and the House of York. The Tudor rose consists of five white inner petals, representing the House of York, and five red outer petals representing the House of Lancaster.


    Rosa Pietsch creates strikingly original jewellery designs that mix materials, textures and processes, with every piece lovingly crafted by hand in Bristol, UK. Having developed her own design techniques, Rosa combines laser-cutting technology with handmade and hand-finished processes, resulting in pieces that are truly unique.

    Rosa worked with the British Library to create an exclusive collection inspired by the Elizabeth and Mary: Royal Cousins, Rival Queens exhibition, including these earrings, Thistle earrings, a bib necklace, and a brooch.


    Part of the Elizabeth and Mary: Royal Cousins, Rival Queens exhibition range.

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    Brand: Rosa Pietsch

    Dimensions: 2.1cm x 2.5cm