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    Space Ranger Eco-Friendly Playset

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    Explore the universe with this eco-friendly Space Ranger playset.

    • It includes a space ‘explorer’ enabling further imaginative play as the ranger flies through space.

    • The hatch door is fully functioning, enabling access to the cabin and cockpit to move your explorer in and out of the ranger.

    • All durable PlayPress pieces can connect to one another, so imagination has no limits!
    • Great as presents or gifts, Its flatpack packaging makes it easy to take on holiday and it turns into a box, so there's no waste.
    • Develops Kids Creativity... construction, problem-solving and motor skills. Perfect for imaginative children aged 4-10.

    • Eco-Conscious - Manufactured in the UK the playboard is made from wood from sustainable forests. Plastic-free, not harmful to the environment or oceans.

    This set is FSC certified.

    Brand: Playpress

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