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    An eye-opening memoir revealing the stories behind living in and running a Chinese takeaway.

    Growing up in a Chinese takeaway in rural Wales, Angela Hui was exposed from a very young age the struggle of being East Asian in Britain. From attacks on the shopfront (in other words, their home), to verbal abuse from customers, and confrontations that ended with her dad wielding the meat cleaver; life growing up in a takeaway was far from peaceful.

    But alongside the strife, there was also beauty in the rhythm and joy that came from living in the takeaway and being surrounded by the food of her home culture. Family dinners before service, research trips to Hong Kong, preparing for the weekend rush with her brothers - there is a treasure trove of activities that happen before a customer places an order.

    A blending of her Welsh and Chinese heritage, the takeaway was a place that embodied the dual identities that Angela herself was experiencing.

    Full of entertaining and surprising stories, Takeaway is a brilliantly warm and eye-opening memoir - at times hilarious, and at others shocking - revealing what really goes on behind one of Britain's most-loved institutions.

    Author: Angela Hui

    Brand: Orion Publishing Co

    Number of pages: 352

    Binding: Hardback