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    The Lion Above the Door

    Leo and his best friend Sangeetha are the odd ones out in their school. In fact, they seem to be the odd ones out no matter where they go in their small town. But as Leo's dad is always telling him, it's only because he's extra-special, and Sangeetha is extra-extra-special. Only thing is, if they're so special, how come Leo never sees anyone who likes him in the history books he loves to read?

    But on a special class trip to a nearby cathedral one day, Leo's attention is drawn to a large marble slab high above the doors of the hall, featuring a short list of names. Because right there, bang in the middle of the list, Leo finds himself staring at his own name...

    Hungry to understand how a name like his could feature on a slab commemorating fallen war heroes, Leo and Sangeetha begin a search, and in doing so, uncover a missing story which changed the course of history, one which needs to be put right back into its missing pages.

    Touching on themes of historical racism, The Lion Above the Doorshines a light on the stories our history books have yet to contain and the power of friendships that can last through generations.

    Author: Onjali Q. Rauf

    Brand: Hachette Children's Group

    Number of pages: 320 pages

    Binding: Paperback

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