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    The Shortest History of England

    The story of England as you've never seen it before.

    In his bestselling, internationally-acclaimed The Shortest History of Germany, James Hawes told the story of a nation in 240 invigorating pages, tracing the roots of today's challenges back to the first encounters with Rome. In The Shortest History of England, he takes the same approach to his homeland.

    As he journeys from Caesar to Brexit via Conquest, Empire and World War, he discovers an England very different to the standard vision. Our stable island fortress, stubbornly independent, the begetter of parliaments and globe-spanning empires, is riven by an ancient fault-line that predates even the Romans; its fate has ever been bound up with that of its neighbours, whether we like it or not; and - for the past 1,000 years - it has harboured a class system like nowhere else on Earth.

    There has never been a better time to understand why England is the way it is, and there is no better guide

    Author: James Hawes

    Brand: Old Street Publishing

    Number of pages: 240 pages

    Binding: Hardback