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    Zwitscherbox (Wood Oak/White)

    Bring the outdoors inside with the Zwitscherbox!

    An innovative design with an oak inlay finish, this clever little box plays gentle birdsong whenever movement is detected. With just a passing gesture, you will be transported to the tranquil atmosphere of the Black Forest, as serene birdsong fills the air for two minutes before gently fading away.

    The perfect addition to any bedroom, hallway, bathroom or nursery, the relaxing sounds of the Zwitscherbox turns any room into a spa-like oasis. Order today and bring a sense of relaxation and wellbeing to your daily routine!


    • Adjustable volume and on/off switch
    • Range of up to 4ft in daylight (does not detect during darkness)
    • Freestanding or wall mountable.
    • Operates on 3 x AA batteries (included)

    Brand: Zwitscherbox

    Dimensions: 110W x 145H x 35D mm, weight 262g

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