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    Protecting the People: The Central Office of Information and the Reshaping of Post-War Britain

    Showcasing a side of social history rarely explored in such an accessible way, this title focusses on the amazing design and illustrative works of the period to tell a new story. It features never previously reproduced material from the Library collection The Central Office of Information Archive at the British Library consists of a unique collection of over 15,000 free information and guidance leaflets, posters, booklets and other promotional materials dating from the 1940s to 1997. This astonishingly rich and truly unique collection – designed and produced for a range of UK government departments and agencies by the COI – reveals what the government wanted its citizens to think or know about topical issues and the image of Britain it wanted to project to the outside world.

    In Protecting the People one of the world’s leading writers on propaganda and information projection presents a remarkably detailed history and critique of the workings and development of the COI from its origins in the Second World War through to the era of AIDS and the threat of nuclear war. As such this richly illustrated volume is of enduring interest to social historians, Cold War historians and all those interested in Post-War graphic design.

    The collection covers the whole spectrum of British contemporary life, including:

    • Education, schools and the curriculum
    • Public health issues, e.g. HIV and AIDS
    • Food safety • Environmental issues and nature conservation
    • Nuclear threat and attack preparation
    • Careers in the public sector & armed forces

    About the Author: David Welch is Professor of Modern History and Director of the Centre for the Study of War, Propaganda & Society at the University of Kent. 

    Author: David Welch

    Brand: British Library Publishing

    Number of pages: 272 pages,including 150 colour artworks, prints and photographs

    Binding: Hardback

    Dimensions: 246 x 189 mm

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