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    British Bird Sounds CD

    British Bird Sounds on CD: The definitive audio guide to birds in Britain.

    A total of 175 species are heard on these two discs, ranging from the familiar tawny owl to the very rare call of the bittern. This is an authoritative guide to all British birds likely to be encountered by the average birdwatcher and the ideal download for anyone wishing to learn the sounds of the great variety of birds that can be seen and heard throughout the seasons.

    Total duration: 151 minutes
    Compilation and text: Ron Kettle and Richard Ranft
    Assisted by: Theresa Lynch and Paul Duck
    Consultant: Patrick Sellar
    Announcements: Peter Copeland
    Audio mastering: Nigel Bewley
    Cover photo: Song Thrush; Chris Gomersall courtesy of

    Author: KETTLE R

    Brand: British Library Publishing