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    Jumping Jenny

    This ground-breaking novel is one of the first, if not thefirst, inverted mysteries, in which the killer is known by the reader all along. It’s a cleverly written and darkly comedic novel for fans of The Poisoned Chocolates Case and Murder in the Basement from our series, along with the books of Richard Hull.

    ‘Mr. Anthony Berkeley deserves all gratitude for his energetic efforts to escape from the thraldom of formula... If you are hard-boiled and disillusioned about detectives, you will find this tale very refreshing.’ – Dorothy L. Sayers

    At a costume party with the dubious theme of ‘famous murderers and their victims’, the know-it-all amateur criminologist Roger Sheringham is settled in for an evening of beer, small talk and analysing his companions. One guest in particular has caught his attention for her theatrics, and his theory that she might have several enemies among the partygoers proves true when she is found hanging from the ‘decorative’ gallows on the roof terrace.

    Noticing a key detail which could implicate a friend in the crime, Sheringham decides to meddle with the scene and unwittingly casts himself into jeopardy as the uncommonly thorough police investigation circles closer and closer to the truth. Tightly paced and cleverly defying the conventions of the classic detective story, this 1933 novel remains a milestone of the inverted mystery subgenre.

    Publication date: 10/01/22

    Author: Anthony Berkeley

    Brand: British Library Publishing

    Number of pages: 240

    Binding: Paperback

    Dimensions: 190 x 130 mm