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    Natural History Postcard Pack

    This postcard pack contains 16 postcards featuring natural history images and details from items in the British Library collection.

    Postcards include:

    • Oriental Dwarf Kingfisher, from Drawings of Birds
    • Watercolour drawings of English insects from an album belonging to Sir Hans Sloane
    • Greater Sulphur-crested Cockatoo illustration by Edward Lear, from Illustration of the family of Psittacidae or parrots
    • The  Giraffe, from Royal School Series of Wall Pictures
    • Ursus Polaris from Musei Leveriani explicatio…
    • Illustration from Animalium quadrupedum, auium, floruk, fruttum… A Booke of Beast, Birds, Flowers, etc.
    • Cherry Blossom, from Kai [Vocabulary of Flowers]
    • Magnolia, from Kai [Vocabulary of Flowers]
    • Front cover of The South Polar Times
    • The constellation Canis Minor, from a catalogue of stars
    • Cat and mice, from a bestiary made in England
    • Rose, from Ehon noyamagusa [Picture-book of Wild Flowers]
    • The ‘Tortoise and the Hare’ cut-out illustration from the Fables du Labyrinthe de Versailles
    • Pair of Liontail Macaques (‘Macaca silenus’) from Buchanan-Hamilton Collection
    • Watercolour drawing of a ‘Tyger-Cat’ from the collection of Sir Joseph Banks
    • ‘The Tyger’, from William Blake’s Songs of Innocence and of Experience

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