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    Readers Never Go To Bed Alone Enamel Pin

    Elevate your love for books to new heights with our stunning Enamel Pin Badge featuring an owl perched atop an open book! This intricately designed pin badge is a must-have for any avid reader who appreciates the magic of literature.

    The pin badge features a captivating design with a wise owl perched on a pile of books, with charming star, moon, and mountain details adding a touch of enchantment. The attention to detail and vibrant enamel colours make this pin badge a true work of art that will capture attention and spark conversations about your love for reading.

    The backing card is equally delightful, featuring the phrase 'Readers never go to bed alone', adding a touch of whimsy and humour to the overall design. The high-quality enamel and durable metal construction ensure that this pin badge will last for years to come, making it a cherished addition to your pin collection or a thoughtful gift for a fellow bookworm.

    Pin it on your lapel, hat, bag, or even display it on a pinboard to showcase your passion for books and reading. It's a beautiful and meaningful accessory that will add a touch of literary charm to any outfit or accessory.

    Celebrate your love for books with our exquisite Enamel Pin Badge featuring an owl and an open book. Get yours today and let your inner bookworm soar!

    Brand: British Library

    Dimensions: 39 x 34mm