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    Reading Room: A Year of Literary Curiosities

    365 eclectic extracts and illustrations carefully selected to inform, surprise, amuse and inspire, this is a quirky showcase of the best and most unusual items in the Library’s collection, seasonally arranged and beautifully designed. The extracts have been selected by popular BBC radio broadcaster and author Ian Sansom. This playful and provocative collection of 365 extracts gives a thrilling insight into the vast collections of the British Library.

    Selected to challenge and inform the reader, each excerpt is accompanied by the unique shelfmark number of the source publication, encouraging readers to delve into the Library’s collections, only to resurface in an entirely different place, with an entirely different book. Reading Room makes space for the sometimes overlooked joy of interacting with a book, and each day brings a new one to discover; perhaps an author one hasn’t encountered, or simply a new perspective.

    Collecting popular authors alongside controversial and thought-provoking writers – and encompassing a wide range of great works in literature, poetry, essays, letters, and historical and scientific treatises – each extract will encourage enquiry and stimulate the imagination. Beautifully designed and illustrated throughout with imagery from the Library’s collections, this beguiling book presents one extract for every day of the year, and can be read as a thought to start the day or dipped into for inspiration at random.

    Extracts include works by… George Orwell, Joe Brainard, Emmeline Pankhurst, Barbara Kingsolver, Sigmund Freud, Betty Friedan, E M Forster, Bertrand Russell, Virginia Woolf, and Muriel Spark.


    Author: Ian Sansom

    Brand: British Library Publishing

    Number of pages: 352 pages, with 100 colour illustrations

    Binding: Hardback

    Dimensions: 234 x 156 mm