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    The British History Puzzle Book: 500 Challenges and Teasers from the Dark Ages to Digital Britain

    Illustrated with beautiful images from the British Library’s collection, The British History Puzzle Book will provide hours of entertainment and delight readers with questions for history novices to experts alike. It also spans British history from the first Stone Age settlers to today’s post-industrial country.

    A spectacular, puzzle-fueled, myth-busting journey through the hidden history of Britain in 500 questions.

    Britain’s history is one of the richest and most complex in Europe. From the first Stone Age settlers, through the Roman occupation, the waves of Germanic and Viking invaders, the wars of the Middle Ages, the consolidation of the United Kingdom, the British Empire, the two World Wars and today’s post- industrial country, its development is filled with well-known highpoints and lesser-known byways. The British History Puzzle Book poses fascinating and fiendish questions which will test your knowledge of the nation’s history to the limit and reveal a treasure trove of astonishing facts.

    So if you’ve ever wondered where cricket was invented, how many husbands the reigning queens of England have had, or who the first recorded tourist to visit Britain was, then The British History Puzzle Book will provide all the answers.

    Publication date: 21/10/21

    Author: Philip Parker

    Brand: British Library Publishing

    Number of pages: 256 pages, with 80 colour illustrations

    Binding: Flexibound

    Dimensions: 216 x 143 mm