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    The Human Chord

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    When Robert Spinrobin, drifting through life in a daydream, answers a newspaper ad asking for an imaginative tenor with a grasp of ancient languages, he soon finds himself travelling to rural Wales and the home of ex-clergyman, Philip Skale. Here Skale, the housekeeper Mrs. Mawle and her niece, Miriam, have been pursuing a new science, harnessing sound to discover the true names of people – and recording the uncanny phenomena and transformations that this naming ritual brings in the subject. 

    With possibilities of mind-melding and sublime spiritual awakenings already documented, it is not long before Skale pivots towards a grander master plan to intone a forbidden name beyond the preserve of humanity – while a gathering storm of disastrous cosmic consequences threatens to break.

    First published in 1910 but lost for most of the twentieth century, Blackwood’s tour-de-force novel is long overdue rediscovery.

    Publication date: 25/07/2024

    Author: Algernon Blackwood

    Brand: British Library Publishing

    Number of pages: Paperback

    Binding: 208

    Dimensions: 190 x 130 mm