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    The Philosophy of Cider

    Cider is sunshine in a glass! Follow Jane Peyton on a glorious voyage of discovery, from the journey the wild Malus Sieversii apple – ancestor of today’s domesticated apple – has made from the foothills of Central Asia’s Tien Shan mountains, to the Norman invasion, which introduced new apple varieties and pressing technologies to Britain, to the colonists of America, who took apples with them, planted the seeds and drank cider long before beer brewing was properly established. 

    Today their legacy is sustained in the traditional orchards and processes of craft cider-makers; the folk traditions of the British Wassail and Txotx celebrations of the Basque Country; and the ethos of the Slow Food Movement.

    In addition to explaining cider’s links to champagne and why we are enjoying a renaissance of both cider- and perry-making, Jane provides tasting tips and food pairings to help any aspiring cider drinker. Welcome to Ciderland.

    Publication date: 13/06/2024

    Author: Jane Peyton

    Brand: British Library Publishing

    Number of pages: 112

    Binding: Hardback

    Dimensions: 200 x 130 mm