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    Treasures Postcard Pack

    This postcard pack contains 16 postcards featuring images inspired by the Treasures of the British Library.

    Postcards include:

    • Carpet page from the Lindisfarne Gospels
    • Autograph Manuscript, Jane Eyre, Charlotte Brontë
    • Text from Codex Sinaiticus
    • World map from Ranulf Higden’s Polychronicon
    • Cover of the Lindisfarne Gospels
    • Image from Leonardo da Vinci’s notebook
    • Image from the Dara Shikoh album
    • Image of Prince hawking with an attendant in a landscape by a Golconda artist
    • Planisphere with astrological signs of the zodiac
    • Paradise Lost contract
    • Woodpecker detail from the Sherborne Missal
    • Page from the Luttrell Psalter
    • Magna Carta 1215
    • Detail from the Diamond Sutra
    • Page from the Gutenberg Bible
    • Page from the only surviving manuscript of Beowulf

    Brand: British Library