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    Sing Me Who You Are

    Sing Me Who You Are is part of a curated collection of forgotten works by early to mid-century women writers. The best middlebrow fiction from the 1910s to the 1960s, offering escapism, popular appeal and plenty of period detail to amuse, surprise and inform.

    Skill, subtlety and stylistic assurance ... her moral comedy illumines life. – Daily Telegraph

    Harriet Cooper bumps up a rutted lane in a Hillman crammed with everything she owns. She has come to claim her inheritance – a large green bus – left to her by her aunt, and moves in with two cats to live a frugal life, much to the chagrin of her cousin who has inherited the rest of the estate.

    This is a timely reissue of a 1960s novel that deals with the lingering trauma of the Second World War and the dark secrets that families carry, as well as being an early advocate of environmental issues, which chime with such resonance fifty years later.

    Publication date: 25/05/2023

    Author: Elizabeth Berridge

    Brand: British Library Publishing

    Number of pages: 256

    Binding: Paperback

    Dimensions: 190 x 130 mm