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    Austen Planter

    This charming Jane Austen planter pot makes a cosy addition to your nightstand or a sunny windowsill. What would make the winter melt faster than growing Sweet William from seed and then transplanting it to your window box?

    UPG’s handsome Fertile Minds ceramic planter pots hold a mini flowerpot – or drop in some pebbles, add potting soil, and sprinkle seeds – or fill with sand and arrange tiny air plants – or surround your succulents with a bed of moss. Go on, make the world more cultivated.

    Approx. 3” / 7.5cm deep
    Holds flowerpot 2” / 5cm dia.

    A perfect home for the seeds from our Jane Austen Growbar.

    Brand: The Unemployed Philosophers Guild

    Dimensions: Approx. 3” / 7.5cm deepHolds flowerpot 2” / 5cm dia.