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    The World of Sherlock Holmes Jigsaw Puzzle

    Don your deerstalker and immerse yourself in Sherlock Holmes' London in this art jigsaw puzzle complete with bodies, boat chases, and, of course, 221B Baker Street. Perfect for avid puzzlers, families and bookworms.

    • 1000-PIECE PUZZLE featuring Sherlock Holmes's London in glorious detail
    • SPOT FAMOUS CHARACTERS, crime-solving clues, and historical figures as you build the puzzle. Hunt for Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's most memorable characters, from the hound at Baskerville Hall to Moriarty, Dr. Watson, Mycroft and more, as well as real historical figures from the era.
    • INCLUDES A FOLD-OUT POSTER featuring fun Sherlock facts

    Author: Illustrated by Doug Miller

    Brand: Laurence King Publishing 

    Number of pages: 1000 pieces