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    Jane Austen Growbar

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    Jane Austen took a keen interest in the outdoor landscape and gardens to play a major role in her novels. This beautiful trio of flowers was typical for a Georgian cottage garden, and are all mentioned in Austen's letters.

    Cornflower (Annual)

    With its electric blue petals, it is an integral part of the British cottage garden.

    Sweet William (Biennial)
    Adds vibrant colour and graced the shrubbery border of the Austen garden at Chawton.

    Mignonette (Annual)
    Bears small, sweetly scented flowers. Austen wrote to sister Cassandra about its progress in the garden.

    About Growbar

    Growbars are easy to grow, exciting seed collections, nestled in fertile coir bars, carefully created and packaged by a small team in South London.

    Growbars are 100% eco-friendly. The card packaging can be widely recycled, the film wrap is made from biodegradable sugar cane, and coir is a sustainable alternative to peat that’s made with coconut fibres.

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    Please note, if you live outside of the UK your local customs authorities may have restrictions on the importation of seeds. To avoid any potential disappointment, we strongly recommend checking with your local customs office before placing your order.

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