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    Dawn Chorus CD

    Dawn Chorus: A sound portrait of a British woodland at sunrise.

    Rise with the birds!

    The spring dawn chorus in Britain is one of the most celebrated and uplifting sounds in the natural world. Five stereo ambient recordings capture the magical awakening of bird-life at daybreak in the British countryside. No announcements interrupt the sequences.

    This CD includes:
    - the magic of a Sussex woodland unfolds at dawn
    - thrushes, warblers, wrens and many other woodland birds
    -  early morning in the New Forest
    - dawn over a Dartmoor landscape in May

    The recordings were made by Phil Riddett, who has been recording wildlife sound since 1985 in the UK, India, Canada and Hungary. The recordings are taken from the extensive collection of the wildlife section of the British Library Sound Archive.

    Duration: 73.00
    Recordings: Phil Riddett
    Production and audio mastering: Richard Ranft
    Cover photo: ‘Sunlight: Ashdown Forest at Dawn‘
    Photographer: Hugh Clark. Courtesy: Frank Lane Picture Agency.

    Brand: British Library Publishing

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