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    The Situationship

    When the love of her life shows up with a girlfriend, Tia decides it's time to put herself out there.

    Expectations of dating apps are low, so it's a surprise when she instantly connects with handsome photographer Nate. He's everything she's looking for; he makes her feel safe, seen, and desired.

    Tia assumes they're on the same page - the only catch? They're yet to have The Talk. In a generation that's normalised competing over who cares the least, can Tia overcome her fears and lay her cards on the table, in the pursuit of something real?

    The Situationship is #Merky Books' first hilarious, unputdownable romcom!

    Author: Taylor-Dior Rumble

    Brand: Cornerstone

    Number of pages: Paperback

    Binding: 352

    Dimensions: 194 x 126 x 24 mm

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